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Woikoski is the oldest specialized gas producer and distributor in Finland. Our foundation lies in a carbonblack factory back in 1882. The company has evolved through various colourful and adventurous phases to become an important producer of various gases and a pioneer in the chemical industry.

All of Woikoski´s activities are based on gases, their production, development, applications and distribution to our valued clients. Our service-net covers the entire country and our distribution system never sleeps to provide our customers with rapid delivery. We also deliver the most advanced equipment and consumables used in welding.


  • established in 1882, the oldest gas company in Finland
  • medical, technical, food-industry and specialty gases
  • gas handling equipment
  • sale of welding machines and equipment
  • 9 own plants and offices, over 170 agents throughout Finland
  • annual turnover 41 million EUR
  • 180 employees

Brochure of Woikoski-gases
Woikoski supplies helium in Finland and abroad.
The carbon dioxide recovery plant

Head office
Voikoski, P.O.Box 1
FI-52020  Woikoski
Phone: +358-40 166 2023
e-mail: info@woikoski.fi
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