Customer info

We are about to implement our new D365 enterprise resource planning system starting from 1.1.2020. To facilitate the implementation, there is a sales and delivery outage for all types of packaged gases (cylinders, cryo containers, dewars, mini-containers and supplies), during which we take an inventory of all the products we transfer into the new D365 system.

Please note, that the distribution network does not sell gases either during the outage period. This outage does not apply to bulk or pipeline deliveries.

The last deliveries and cylinder returns of packaged gases in year 2019 take place on December 20th, the sales and deliveries will be back to normal operation on January 2nd, 2020.

Please take the outage in sales and delivery of packaged gases into consideration, and check, that the cylinders and bundles of central gas systems are filled in advance. Also, please make sure to order enough to cover the need during the outage period, and place the order in good time.  

For further information, please contact our customer service,
tel. +358 40 166 2023.