The design of Woikoski’s hydrogen filling station brings RD Velho first prize in the Plootu Fennica sheet-metal product competition

Designed by RD Velho, Oy Woikoski Ab’s hydrogen filling station came in first in the design category in this year’s Plootu Fennica competition. The winning product was lauded for its usability and design aspects, as well as for being a complete product that is sensibly or creatively manufactured.

The hydrogen station, which was honoured with the prize at the Engineering Works 2016 trade fair, in Tampere, is fruit of an extensive product development project carried out by RD Velho. The company is responsible for the design of the hydrogen station’s mechanics, façade, and exterior structure, along with the technical calculations related to the project, oversight of the manufacturing, and project management.

‘The product must promote the marketing of hydrogen cars’

The hydrogen station is formed by a shipping container housing all the necessary technology and a modern filling station complete with protective and roof structures built around the container. The roof is made from painted sheet metal affixed to the support structures. Only the fuelling nozzles and the payment terminal remain outside the protective structure. A small cover offers shelter for the user, while lights mounted on the cover illuminate the surroundings. 

‘In addition to performing its core function, the hydrogen filling station is aimed at supporting the marketing of hydrogen cars and their fuelling. In both the technical and visual design, we wanted to focus on quality and overall appearance,’ explains RD Velho’s Design Manager Hannu Havusto.

Close collaboration

The filling station is a result of close collaboration between Oy Woikoski Ab and RD Velho. The team involved in the design of the winning work consisted of Havusto, Development Director Sari Palmberg (Oy Woikoski Ab), Technical Director Mikko Lehtinen (Oy Woikoski Ab), Product Manager Arto Brofeldt (Oy Woikoski Ab), Project Manager Harri Kelho (RD Velho Oy), and Senior Mechanical Designer Pertti Nenonen (RD Velho Oy).

RD Velho received the 2016 Plootu Fennica prize on 15 March 2016 at the trade fair Engineering Works 2016, held at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre.



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