Oy Woikoski Ab and ProWeld Finland Oy kick-start collaboration

Gas company Oy Woikoski Ab and welding engineering, consultancy, training and welding service provider ProWeld Finland Oy began collaboration in Finland. Woikoski strives to be a full-service partner for the welding industry, and the new collaboration presents a major step towards reaching this goal. Through the collaboration, Woikoski is able to assist its customers in the acquisition of new equipment and methods and the selection of more productive filler materials by demonstrating their properties and benefits even better.

Thanks to the collaboration with ProWeld, Woikoski’s expertise in welding technology rises to a new level, enabling the company to offer truly comprehensive solutions to the welding industry. In practice, Proweld provides technical support to Woikoski’s sales team and clients in all matters related to welding. This will contribute greatly to increasing the sales of the German EWM welding machines and consumables, and welding services on the whole, in Finland.

The goal of the collaboration is to provide benefits and added value to customers in the rapidly changing and developing welding industry. Now Woikoski is able to offer all the welding products and services its customers may require: welding gases, consumables, machines, expert services, technical support and training, and services related to welding quality management, including welders’ qualifications. In addition, ProWeld will assist in the demonstration and sale of EWM’s welding machines in eastern Finland.

‘There is no other company in Finland that can offer such a comprehensive range of services and products to the welding industry,’ explains Woikoski’s Sales Director Jussi Rissanen, adding: ‘We want to make the acquisition of machines, accessories and services simple and cost-efficient, and now we can do this by offering one-stop shop services. ProWeld is a young, expanding, customer-oriented and dynamic company. Their strengths include extensive practical and theoretical knowledge of welding, and strong expertise in technical training and guidance in the use of welding machines and training in welding techniques and processes.’

ProWeld Finland Oy is a welding engineering, consultancytraining and welding service provider, which operates all over Finland and also abroad. The company’s head office is located in Joensuu but it also has a welding engineering office in Hollola. It has strong expertise and know-how in MIG/MAG, TIG and MMA welding, and in machines and processes related to these. The company also has broad experience in providing practical training in welding techniques and the use of equipment in both Finnish and English. For further information, contact: Welding Engineer, IWE Jussi Martiskin +358 40 214 4133, jussi.martiskin@proweld.fi  www.proweld.fi or Sales Director of Woikoski Jussi Rissanen, tel. +358 40 540 3634, jussi.rissanen@woikoski.fi www.woikoski.fi