UHP gas with BIP technology

Ultrapuhtaat BIP-kaasut Woikoskelta

Thanks to their high purity grade, BIP gases supplied by Woikoski are globally unique. The unique valve and purifier design including a particle filter guarantees lower levels of oxygen and moisture than other similar UHP gases.

BIP (Built-In Purifier) technology is based on a purification system in the cylinder, which means that you no longer need to worry about in-line purifiers. This creates savings in service and maintenance costs and reduces the risk of contamination.

The ultrapure BIP gases come into their own in gas chromatography and in demanding industrial welding work in particular.

The BIP- and BIP+ gases available are nitrogen, helium, argon and hydrogen. The standard cylinder size is 50 litres but you can order 10 litre cylinders.

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