Woikoski to hold co-operation negotiations

Oy Woikoski Ab will soon commence co-operation negotiations. The negotiations will start on 22 April 2016 and continue for at least six weeks. Pertaining to all personnel at Woikoski, the negotiations may result in the termination of up to 70 employment contracts. The plans for the company include possible closure of offices in Kotka, Turku, Varkaus, and Imatra, along with the restructuring of all company operations.

The reasons behind the co-operation negotiations include market changes, crucial developments in the company’s operating environment, increased competition, and a need to make operations more efficient.

The planned restructuring measures are aimed at making operations more efficient, improving services to customers, and increasing competitiveness in a changing operating environment.

‘Our goal is to develop Woikoski’s model of operation and corporate structure to better meet the requirements of the operating environment. We must strengthen our operational and financial foundations, to ensure that we meet the prerequisites for our company’s future operations,’ explains Clas Palmberg, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The goal for the co-operation negotiations is to scale Woikoski’s personnel resources to its level of profitable operations. Any measures decided upon will be taken after completion of the negotiations. More detailed information will emerge as the negotiations progress.