Woikoski opens a new filling station for specialty gas mixtures

Woikoski has opened a new filling station for specialty gas mixtures at Mäntyharju’s Voikoski in Finland. The efficient production chain in the new filling station enables customers to benefit from fast deliveries and bespoke specialty gas solutions.

Specialty gas mixtures are important in many different fields and applications, such as measuring vehicle emissions, pharmaceutical manufacturing and food packaging. Technical development in society is placing increasingly strict demands on speciality gas mixtures. More precise mixtures are needed at a faster pace, with a larger number of components and lower concentrations. Woikoski’s new filling station for specialty gas mixtures meets these demands.

The new filling station is unique in Finland

Woikoski’s filling station is the only station that supplies gravimetric, i.e. mass-based, 200-bar gas mixtures in batches.  ”We have invested heavily in specialty gases over the last few years: Our special expertise in Finland is based on long-standing experience, highly qualified staff, and industry best practices. Our international network helps us to maintain industry expertise at the highest level,” says Eero Aspberg, Product Manager, Specialty Gases at Oy Woikoski Ab.


For further information, contact Eero Aspberg, tel. +358 40 162 2774.