Woikoski receives Strongest in Finland 2016 certificate

Woikoski has once again shown that it is a strong partner for its customers. The certificate awarded by Suomen Asiakastieto is evidence of creditworthiness, reliability, and excellent solvency.

The Strongest in Finland certificate is visible proof of the company's strengths in terms of reliability and financial stability (solid solvency, creditworthiness, etc.). The certificate provides assurance to customers, co-operation partners, credit-granters, and other interest groups: co-operation with a certified company has a solid foundation.

The companies in the top two categories in Asiakastieto's seven-tier Rating Alfa classification, accounting for approx. 12% of Finnish companies, are entitled to Strongest in Finland certification. To reach these categories, a company must have excellent financial key ratios, positive background data, and good payment behaviour.