Mobility with liquid oxygen equipment

An oxygen therapy system for liquid oxygen improves the mobility of patients.  The devices do not require frequent filling despite being small and light enough to be easily portable. By receiving oxygen therapy at home will increase patients quality of life. Shopping trips and other day-to-day tasks are easy to perform with such a small, portable device.

Among our product range, you can find portable devices of various sizes, and for longer use with some lasting up to a whole day.

Portable containers: Spirit, Stroller or Helios

With a small, light and silent Spirit container, you can spend the whole day out and about. Available in side- and top-fill options.



The lightweight Stroller portables are designed to provide extra comfort in use and come with an easy-to-read display. Available in side- and top-fill options.




The Helios 850 Marathon is designed for longer use, lasting up to a whole day, while the Helios 300 is the lightest oxygen unit available on the market.


Reservoirs for home use: Helios or Liberator

Quick to use, the Helios U36 liquid oxygen reservoir works with all top-fill models.
The Liberator series offers reservoirs for home use in four sizes. The smaller sizes (10 and 20 litres) are also suitable for travel.


Read more about our oxygen container models from our brochure on oxygen therapy equipment for home use (in Finnish).

Medical oxygen cylinders

We deliver medical oxygen in cylinders of different sizes. Light 2-litre composite cylinders are the ideal choice for maximum mobility.

Two valve types are used in medical oxygen cylinders (Cahouet on the left in the picture, the new Viproxy on the right). Their attachments and operating principles are identical.

The cylinders are safe and easy to use as all Woikoski’s cylinders come fitted with flow control valves.

You can order oxygen cylinders via Woikoski Medical’s customer service department. They can be delivered directly to your home or collected from a collection point for medical gases.

Reimbursable by Kela

You are entitled to reimbursement from Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, for the cost of medical oxygen and the lease of equipment. Further information on how to order.