Order instructions

We have made ordering easy for you: you can make the order at home oxygen therapy customer service at Woikoski Medical.

  1. Send the order form and a copy of your prescription to Woikoski Medical either by fax or post.
  2. After receiving your order, we will send you an information package, Which includes safety instructions, the package information leaflet for medical oxygen, a medical oxygen label that can be affixed to your front door and information on the delivery dates in your region.
  3. The customer service personnel at the home oxygen therapy unit will call you within a day of receiving your order to make arrangements, such as the delivery day and any guidance you might like.
  4. The liquid oxygen container will be delivered to your home address. The medical oxygen cylinder can be delivered either to your home or to a collection point nearest to you.
  5. If you prefer, you can also collect your medical oxygen cylinders from a Woikoski office. We aim to arrange training on the use of liquid oxygen within 1-2 working days of the delivery. The training is given either by a hosptilal rehabilitation instructor or an emloyee of Woikoski Medical.

Further orders for medical oxygen can be made by phoning Woikoski Medical’s customer service, tel. +358 45 788 15403. We are open on weekdays between 8am and 4pm.


Reimbursable by Kela

You are entitled to reimbursement from Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, for the cost of medical oxygen and the lease of equipment. These costs count towards your annual maximum payment limit for prescription medicines. If this payment limit is exceeded, Woikoski can send bills directly to Kela if given a proxy. Further information: kela.fi/web/en/reimbursements-for-medicine-expences.

We are happy to help with any questions on home oxygen therapy.