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As a gas supplier, Woikoski is a cornerstone of the metal industry

“You can’t avoid hearing the name ‘Woikoski’ in the metal industry. As a gas supplier, it’s a cornerstone of the metal industry.”

Oy Woikoski Ab delivers gases to Outotec Turula Oy. Henri Tirkkonen works at Outotec Turula as a procurement engineer. He appreciates the technical support provided by his company's partner and the fact that the supplier is located nearby. Additionally, the practical automatic ordering system reduces the workload of Outotec Turula's procurement unit.

Outotec is a global engineering firm that specialises in mineral enrichment. Outotec Turula produces above-ground mineral processing equipment. Welding is a very strong area of expertise for the company. The company has several robot welding cells and also employs about 20 plater-welders.

“You can’t avoid hearing the name ‘Woikoski’ in the metal industry. As a gas supplier, it’s a cornerstone of the metal industry,” says Tirkkonen.

Technical support available

“Of course, we invited tenders from gas suppliers located in Finland. We chose Woikoski, which is close to us. They also provide technical support when necessary,” Tirkkonen says.

To Outotec Turula, Woikoski delivers carbon dioxide, argon and the specialty gas mixture SK-2 for stainless solid wire. Tirkkonen mentions automated ordering as a benefit of the fixed gas containers that his company uses. When the gas level in a fixed container drops to a set limit value, an order is automatically sent to Woikoski.

“Woikoski has a delivery route that passes us, and they know at their end that they need to take gas to Turula on Monday. Here in our procurement unit, we don’t need to pay particular attention to it. Our staff only orders individual gas cylinders in special cases,” says Tirkkonen.

Woikoski listens to its clients

The collaboration between the companies has been continuing for more than 20 years. According to Tirkkonen, talking to Woikoski is easy because the company has a customer-oriented approach. For example, Woikoski suggested switching to fixed gas containers once Outotec Turula's gas consumption exceeded a certain limit.

“The best thing about our co-operation is that it's flexible and easy. Woikoski does its part well,” Tirkkonen says.

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