Alternating dates of delivery


Dear Customer,

Public holiday appearing on a normal weekday cause unusual transport schedules for our gas deliveries. This does not apply to emergency deliveries. The replacement delivery will only be run for those customers whose only delivery day of the week falls on a public holiday. Please note that if the gas is delivered via Posti, it will not replace the delivery day; the delivery will be moved to the following week.

Information about the year's public holidays can be found below. Check your own possible replacement delivery date from our Order Service: / tel. 040 166 2023. Please note the effect of a public holiday on the delivery date when placing gas orders. Place your order in advance for the previous or next scheduled driving day.

Please place your order two business days before your next scheduled delivery day by 12 noon.

Public holiday appearing on a normal weekday:

Public holiday 2024 Week day Date
New year's day Monday 1.1.2024 
Good Friday Friday 29.3.2024
Easter Day Monday 1.4.2024
Labor Day Wednesday 1.5.2024 
Ascension Day Thursday 19.5.2024
Midsummer's Eve Friday 21.6.2024 
Independence Day of Finland Friday 6.12.2024
Christmas Eve Tuesday 24.12.2024
Christmas Day Wednesday 25.12.2024
Boxing Day Thursday 26.12.2024




Our Order Service is open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Orders must be placed 2 business days before the next delivery date according to the schedule. If you have any questions, please contact our Order Service or Customer Service:

Order Service

We receive orders for industrial gas and welding accessories and answer questions related to the orders. / tel. 040 166 2023

Medical Customer Service

We receive medical gas and hospital supplies orders and answer related questions. / tel. 040 166 2023

Emergency deliveries of gases

We receive emergency gas delivery orders on holidays and weekdays from 15:30 to 08:00.
tel. 040 591 0474