Mobility with liquid oxygen equipment

An oxygen therapy system for liquid oxygen gives freedom of mobility to patients who receive oxygen therapy and live at home, improving patients’ quality of life thanks to the long usage time and the small size and lightness of the portable devices. Shopping trips and other day-to-day tasks are easy to perform with a small portable device. Among our product range, you can also find portable devices of various sizes for longer use, up to a whole day.

Safety at home

Medical oxygen can be used safely at home in accordance with the doctor’s instructions and safety regulations. We visit our clients to provide guidance on how to use the equipment, and separate safety instructions are included with the first delivery.

Due to the fire hazard, smoking and open fire are not permitted in a space where supplemental oxygen is used.

How to fill portable container

Feed unit on top (in Finnish)


Feed unit aside (in Finnish)


Home oxygen therapy customer service

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