Working at Woikoski

Woikoski has been employing people in Finland for more than 140 years. We have approximately 200 employees. At our sites, located in six different municipalities, we have staff working in a variety of expert and production roles.

Woikoski takes care of its employees by promoting an encouraging and motivating work environment and a positive work culture. We look after our employees’ health by providing sport and culture benefits and comprehensive health care services. We arrange training for our employees and support their development. We offer opportunities for advancement based on the employee's interests and skills.

As a work community, we promote equality and non-discrimination, and we emphasise sustainable development and social responsibility in our operations. The values for which Woikoski is known are customer orientation, valuing work and people, and sustainability. Our operations are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard.

Employee experiences


Woikoski's employee benefits

Woikoski offers versatile, valuable benefits.



•Comprehensive occupational health care •Leisure accident insurance
Työssä viihtyminen

Comfort at work

•Lunch bonus •Coffee and tea available •Work tools that support ergonomics •Special work glasses (up to 3 years) •Flexible working hours •Hybrid work opportunity for employees •Joint recreation events


•Reward system

Anniversary reminders

•Commemoration of service years •Anniversary commemorations (anniversary, family events)
Laadukas vapaa-aika

Leisure quality

•Exercise, cultural and massage benefit •Employment bicycle benefit


•Staff discount on own products •Partner discounts