A one-stop shop for welding

Woikoski Oy is a full-service gas provider that offers a comprehensive product and service package for industrial welding needs.

From planning to maintenance, we have created a comprehensive overall welding solution model to make it easier to reconcile the wider picture and offer ease and efficiency to businesses. The comprehensive solution model facilitates administration, traceability and reliability and improves the quality and productivity of operations.

Woikoski’s comprehensive solution model improves quality, productivity and reliability and facilitates administration and traceability.

Products and services for welding

Woikoski can provide you with everything needed for welding. We serve both home welders and any industrial welding need – we deliver products, supplies, gases and gas networks as well as service and maintenance. Additionally, we offer our services in the area of development and maintenance of welding methods and professional expertise.

Welding machines and torches
Welding machines and torches Our selection includes top-quality German welding machines and torches for all welding.
Welding gases
Welding gases Shielding gas is very important in welding. By choosing the right welding gas, you optimize the quality of the weld and the efficiency of the process.
Welding consumables
Welding consumables In our selection of welding consumables, you will find high-quality solid wires, filler wires and welding rods for all types of welding.
Protective equipment and accessories
Protective equipment and accessories Our wide range of accessories and equipment consist protective equipment such as welding helmets and gloves, accessories such as pressure regulators, and welding and flame cutting equipment.
Gas distribution network services
Gas distribution network services Woikoski provides our clients with design, installation and maintenance services for client-specific gas distribution networks.
Network services
Services for welding production processes
Services for welding production processes We offer our services in the area of development and maintenance of welding methods and professional expertise.