Woikoski's comprehensive service model: a one-stop shop for everything from planning to maintenance

To ensure functioning welding production processes, it is particularly important to take into account all the areas that are traditionally made up of products, equipment and services from a large number of different service providers.

In such cases, the task of fitting the overall picture together and ensuring its functionality is left to the workshop, and if problems arise, solving them may require maintenance workers from several different service providers.

This is Woikoski's comprehensive service model: a one-stop shop for everything from planning to maintenance

From planning to maintenance, we have created a comprehensive overall welding solution model to make it easier to reconcile the wider picture and offer ease and efficiency to businesses. The comprehensive solution model facilitates administration, traceability and reliability and improves the quality and productivity of operations.

Woikoski can provide you with everything needed for welding. We serve both home welders and any industrial welding need – we deliver products, supplies, gases and gas networks as well as service and maintenance. Additionally, we offer our services in the area of development and maintenance of welding methods and professional expertise.

Welding production processes

Welding gases, equipment, methods and training.

Gas networks and supplies

  • Gas network design and plans
  • Gas network installation and maintenance
  • Gas network servicing and analysis

Gas products

Protective gases for welding – Woikoski produces industrial gases, food and beverage gases and specialty gas mixtures for the use of a variety of clients, including different industrial fields, such as the welding industry.

Equipment and supplies

  • Welding machines
  • Automation and mechanisation of welding
  • Welding consumables and equipment
  • Protective equipment for welding
  • Other supplies

Selection and development of welding methods

  • Improving productivity and quality produces savings. Woikoski will help you select a suitable welding method and plan your welding production.

Training and qualification

  • Gas training covering, for example, matters related to the safe handling of gases, gas properties, operational safety, gas networks and transport of gases
  • Welding training – practical, tailored training based on the client’s needs. Topics may include welding techniques and welding of different materials, including specialised welding processes
  • Training and instruction for effective use of welding machines
  • Qualification testing of welders (SFSEN ISO 9606)
  • Welding procedure test (SFSEN ISO 15614 and WPS and WPQR (PQR) documents)

Welding coordination

  • Welding coordination in accordance with SFSEN ISO 3834 or EN 1090

Service and maintenance

  • Gas network service and maintenance
  • Periodic inspection and servicing of gas cylinders
  • Welding machine validation (SFS EN 38342)
  • Annual maintenance of welding equipment
Woikoski will deliver everything required for welding, from gases to coordination, as a turnkey service.