Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring helps to maintain the required gas volume without disruptions in operations and allows for the planning of maintenance work.

Our system monitors the gas level and pressure in the container for each client. Alarm levels are determined on the basis of the client’s container size and gas consumption. Information on the amount of gas remaining and the gas pressure in the container is conveyed to Woikoski’s information system via the remote monitoring system, setting off an alarm when a set limit value is reached. Up-to-date information can also be forwarded to the client’s system.

Up-to-date information via remote monitoring

We provide a full service: the client never has to worry about running out of gas. Woikoski monitors the liquid level in the container, ensuring that the client always has enough gas for uninterrupted production. Remote monitoring provides trend information based on real consumption.

Benefits of remote monitoring

  • Frees up the client’s time and human resources for other tasks
  • The amount of gas delivered is always based on consumption and actual need
  • Risks related to the functioning of the container that may lead to disturbances in operations can be easily identified, speeding up maintenance work

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