Medical gases

A medical gas refers to a gas or a gas mixture classified as a medicinal product, the use of which is based on a pharmaceutical effect or which is intended to be administered to a patient for therapeutic, diagnostic or prophylactic purposes.

Always comply with the safety instructions for the use of gases. It is important to read the package information leaflet carefully and understand the content before using the gas, so that the gas can be safely stored, handled and used.

We are marketing authorisation holders of the following gases in Finland:
  • Lääkehappi AWO 100 %, compressed (Medical oxygen)
  • Lääkehappi AWO 100 %, cryogenic (Medical oxygen)
  • Lääkeilma AWO 100%, compressed (Medical air)
  • Lääkkeellinen ilokaasu AWO 100%, medical gas, liquefied (Medical laughing gas)
  • Lääkkeellinen 5-kaasun keuhkofunktiokaasu AWO, compressed (Medical 5-gas lung test gas)
  • Pulmonox AWO 0.1%, compressed (Medical nitric oxide)

In addition to the above-mentioned medical gases, when requested by the client, we also manufacture and deliver medical gases that require a special permit from Fimea. Please contact our customer service:

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