Customer experiences

Woikoski has an extensive clientele: we serve a wide industrial sector, the food and beverage industry, medical clients such as hospital districts, hospitals, municipal health centres and laboratories, as well as research and educational institutes. Additionally, we serve private clients through our retailers.

Woikoski delivers high-quality gases to meet Olvi’s needs The best about Woikoski has always been flexibility and the ease of the co-operation
Rock-hard welding in Rantasalmi With Woikoski’s help, PEL-tuote has put the factors that affect the total cost, in good order
Pyroman appreciates Woikoski’s flexibility Pyroman’s pyrotechnician and fireworks display designer Teppo Hakkarainen appreciates Woikoski’s flexible customer service.
Norrhydro impressed by EWM’s welding machines Eliminating weld spatter and heat distortion with EWM’s equipment
A one-stop shop for everything you need “It makes our work easier to be able to purchase many different things from one place. Our collaboration with Woikoski has been flexible.” Nordic P...
Carbon dioxide for a microbrewery Saimaa, Marsalkka, Brewer’s Special, Kekkonen, Luostari and Crafty. Saimaan Juomatehdas Brewery’s range offers something for everyone. The Saimaan ...
Snellman chose Woikoski based on its prices and its background as a Finnish family business We chose Woikoski as our gas supplier based on its prices and its background as a Finnish family business.
Konepaja Santalahti Oy trusts in Woikoski For Santalahti, it is important to offer clients a controlled and flexible ordering and delivery process, overall efficiency and guaranteed quality in...