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Woikoski delivers high-quality gases to meet Olvi’s needs

The best about Woikoski has always been flexibility and the ease of the co-operation

Olvi is the only brewery left in independent Finnish ownership. The group’s headquarters and production site are located in Iisalmi. Woikoski supplies the production site with a variety of gases. For example, carbon dioxide for food and beverage use is delivered directly to the production site’s container via remote monitoring.

Olvi has been producing beverages since 1878 in Iisalmi, situated in the middle of the beautiful Finnish lake district. In addition to Finland, Olvi currently operates in Belarus and the Baltic countries.

“We use either carbon dioxide or another gas as a propellant or preservative,” says Ossi Heikkinen, Purchasing Manager at Olvi.

The container is filled automatically thanks to remote monitoring

On average, Woikoski's delivery truck stops by Olvi’s production site in Iisalmi two or three times a week. The gas level in the carbon dioxide container is monitored remotely based on limits set by Woikoski.

“Based on the limit values, they know when the container needs to be topped up. Woikoski refills the container automatically,” Heikkinen explains.

“We also order so-called bar gas cylinders from Woikoski. We order 10 and 20 kg cylinders that are delivered to us filled, and we then deliver them to our clients,” Heikkinen continues.

High-quality carbon dioxide

The purity requirements for food and beverage gases, such as carbon dioxide, are strict. According to Heikkinen, the quality of Woikoski’s carbon dioxide is very high.

“We have always had a very high standard for our carbon dioxide,” says Heikkinen.


Flexible and easy co-operation

The best about Woikoski has always been flexibility and the ease of the co-operation, says Heikkinen.  Communication has also been fluent and it has been easy to ask and comment, when needed, and you also dare to say if you disagree in something. And the co-operation improves all the time, Heikkinen summarizes.

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