At Woikoski, employees have the opportunity to improve their skills, and people stay with us for a long time. In our work community, everyone is treated equally and every employee can be who they are – we value diversity.

We value diversity, Anni Riikonen

We value diversity

This really is a place where everyone can be who they are. For example, we need both quiet office workers and extroverted salespeople, says QC Manager Anni Riikonen. Working as an expert at Woikoski often includes supporting other departments, such as sales and production. The work also involves a lot of independent decision-making. According to Anni, there is no risk of getting bored, as you encounter something new every day.
Woikoski is the best, says Sales Director Ville Mela

Woikoski is the best

“I started at Woikoski as a logistics operator. From that job, I switched to the sales desk, taking orders and serving local clients. Next, I started working out in the field as a salesperson. My current role is Sales Director, and I’ve been working in sales for 13 years. I’ve only been with the company for a short stint of 17 and a half years,” jokes Sales Director Ville Mela, reminiscing about his career. “At Woikoski, you get to have a job that you enjoy. The people are great, the atmosphere at work is good and the facilities are in order. It’s the big picture that counts. Woikoski is the best,” says Ville, summing up his experience.
Gaining valuable experience, Inka Brunner

Gaining valuable experience

Inka had a summer job at the Woikoski factory. She is currently studying logistics engineering in Jyväskylä, and was also able to complete one of her required internships while working at Woikoski. According to Inka, the best thing about the job was the chance to work independently and think for herself. “At Woikoski, I worked as a ‘yard man’. My job included unloading deliveries, loading vehicles and order picking. I also drove loads to the right place and made consignment notes. Working at Woikoski and completing my internship will definitely help me in the field in the future,” says Inka. “I have had a good time in every way. I enjoyed working at Woikoski and definitely gained valuable experience for the future. The atmosphere at Woikoski was really nice, and it was easy to feel happy at work. My co-workers were the best. They gave me the energy to keep working through the summer,” Inka says with a laugh.