Woikoski's responsibilities and duties

We follow current legislation and guidelines provided by the authorities. In addition to this, we are committed to the several standards and initiatives, such as ISO 9001 ja 14001, FSSC 22000,  McDonald’s SQMS ja SWA sertificates, Responsible Care, thee chemical industry's sustainability programme, GMP certificates specific to each pharmaceutical manufacturer, terms and conditions of the marketing authorisations of medical gases, Key Flag-certified products and services etc. 

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Ethical principles

The staff of Woikoski Oy and the staff of companies providing services to Woikoski in facilities administered by Woikoski are entitled to a safe and pleasant working environment where they do not need to fear harassment or inappropriate treatment.

We do not tolerate different treatment of individuals or groups of people based on race, nationality or ethnicity, skin colour, language, gender, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, health status, religion, opinions or other personal characteristics.

We do not tolerate gender-based harassment.

We do not tolerate sexual harassment in any form.

We do not tolerate forced labour, child labour or other human rights violations.

Legality and data protection

We are transparent: our business is regularly audited by various authorities.

We administer the company’s property well and follow good accounting practice.

The purpose of the company is to be as productive as possible, to make a profit and to thus create jobs in Finland.

We pay our taxes to Finland and do not use low-tax countries, tax havens or similar arrangements to avoid taxes.

We follow current legislation (e.g. food and pressure vessel legislation), as well as the pharmaceutical industry’s guidelines regarding good manufacturing practice (GMP) and good distribution practice (GDP).

We do not tolerate corruption in our business practices, and we also require that our employees and partners refrain from offering or accepting bribes or other benefits that could influence their decisions.

We act in a good and correct manner, respect and protect the privacy of our stakeholders and protect both our own intellectual property rights and those of our stakeholders.

We follow the GDPR legislation in our operations.

Taking care of our staff

The main goal of Woikoski Oy’s personnel policy is to ensure the well-being of our staff.

We appreciate the work that each of our employees does, and we treat our staff equally.

We do not tolerate any kind of inappropriate treatment or discrimination based on, for example, age, gender, ethnicity, religion or political views.

We respect our employees’ right to unionise.

We have a strong focus on training our employees and developing their professional skills.

We invest in our personnel's well-being at work by providing extensive occupational healthcare, and we also support employees’ participation in sport and recreation activities in their free time.

We arrange regular performance reviews for employees and their supervisors.

We collect feedback from our staff through various surveys.

We value co-operation with our personnel and implement it in our everyday work. Through continuous interaction, we can form shared views in the workplace.

We ensure that all our employees have the safest possible work environment.

We train our new employees properly for their roles and follow the operating procedures that have been drawn up.

We report on and review near-miss situations and accidents to further improve safety at work.

Handling conflicts in the work community

Our model for handling conflicts is based on early support, raising concerns and mutual conversation. If necessary, we utilise outside mediation to resolve conflicts.


The goal of Woikoski Oy’s safety management system and policy is to ensure the safety and health of our employees, protect the environment and property from accidents and ensure high-quality, disturbance-free operations and production.

In recent years, Woikoski Oy has had a strong focus on activities pertaining to occupational safety, and we continue our efforts and development work in all areas of work safety. Our goal is to have zero accidents. We strive to reach this goal by, first and foremost, developing a strong safety culture and obtaining our staff’s commitment to our common goal, as well as by proactive risk assessment of both production sites and work tasks.

At Woikoski Oy, employees are trained in accordance with an annual training plan, and we strive to promote the physical and mental well-being of our entire staff. It is also important to the company to ensure the safety of visitors to our sites and outlets, our clients and contractors working at the company’s production sites. Contractors are given site-specific orientation before starting work, and we are prepared to provide training and orientation to customers as needed.

Our production of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, acetylene and nitrous oxide is subject to environmental permit.


Environment and sustainable development

We cherishes nature and strives to safeguard natural assets for future generations. All forests owned by Woikoski Oy are PEFC-certified. We respect natural assets and follow environmental legislation. Our environmental management system is based on the ISO 14001 standard. Woikoski is developing a system that will conform to the standard, and Woikoski’s tourism business is already certified. 

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Social and international advocacy

We participate actively in public debate involving our field.

We are committed to continuous cooperation with the authorities to increase and facilitate collaboration between companies and governmental administrative bodies.

We are involved in national and international organisations in our field, including:

  • the Finnish chemical industry’s emergency supply pool, which is responsible for developing security of supply in the chemical industry and preparing for exceptional circumstances
  • the gas division of the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland, which focuses on improving safety in the field
  • the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland’s Responsible Care programme
  • the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA), which promotes the development of the gas industry

the International Oxygen Manufacturers Association (IOMA), which promotes the development of the gas industry.

Client feedback


We receive feedback from clients either through our own organisation or via our retailers, and the feedback is processed in our own organisation.

We take all feedback from clients seriously and process it in accordance with our ISO 9001 quality system and internal processes.

We work with third parties, including clients and suppliers, to improve our operating procedures and instructions based on the feedback received from clients and partners.

Fair competition


We follow current competition legislation in all our operations

We do not in any way participate in activities that limit or prevent competition

We do not collect prohibited information about our competitors

We do not use illegal methods

We do not give a false impression of our products or services to gain a competitive advantage

We act transparently and communicate openly

Not following the Code of Conduct will lead to consequences

Violating our operating procedures weakens our stakeholders’ trust in Woikoski, damages our company brand and may cause serious business risks.

If violations or misconduct are discovered, those responsible will face consequences. If it emerges that instructions have been neglected, the matter will be investigated and action will be taken to rectify the situation.

Such misconduct or violations of operating procedures must be reported to the organisation immediately:

Outside the organisation, reports may be submitted anonymously using the Woikoski whistleblowing channel.