AWOcal canisters

Woikoski offers specialty gas mixtures and UHP gases in portable and disposable* AWOcal canisters suitable for applications in which gas consumption is low or portability is important. The high quality criteria we set for our gases packaged in larger cylinders also applies to the production of gas mixtures, so quality is never an issue.

Gases available in AWOcal canisters include a wide range of gas mixtures from simple mixtures to complicated calibration gases with precise concentrations, along with ultrapure individual gases.
These are typically used in the inspection and calibration of detectors and analytical devices in the following applications:

  • monitoring of flammable and toxic gases
  • emissions monitoring
  • breathalysers
  • gas chromatography
  • inspection of food packaging
  • analysis of medical gases


AWOcal canisters are available in four sizes:

Gas volume (l)123458110 12 34 58 110
Liquid volume (l) 1,0 0,9 1,6 1,6
Pressure (bar) 12 34 34


Size (mm)
Height x Width
230 x 80 281 x 74 359 x 90 359 x 90
Empty weight (kg) 0,14 0,56 1,12 1,11
Valve threads 7/16" 28
external threads
5/8" 18
UNF (C10)
5/8" 18
UNF (C10)
5/8" 18
UNF (C10)
ISO 11118 EN 12205 EN 12205 EN 12205


In addition to making a wide range of customised gases available in a handy portable container, AWOcal canisters have the benefit of being disposable. This means you will not accrue lease costs for the canisters, which are also easy to recycle once they have been depressurised. The canister does not need to be returned to us after use. It can be disposed in any suitable place.

Depending on the gas they contain, AWOcal canisters have a storage life of up to three years. This is possible thanks to our meticulous pre-treatment process in which substances that may cause undesirable reactions are removed from the canister. To make the most of the long storage life, instructions for connecting a pressure regulating valve to the canister must always be observed.

An extensive selection of pressure regulators and valves is available for AWOcal canisters, with both fixed and adjustable flow regulators. Typically the flow rate falls between 0.5 and 2.5l/min, but models with other flow rates are also available. The product range also includes valves with a trigger system designed for ease of use, ideal for the calibration and inspection of breathalysers and gas detectors.

* Under the EN12205 standard, all canisters must be equipped with valves that can be used for filling only once in accordance with EN13340. A pressure regulating valve connected to a canister can be detached and the canister may be used again until the gas runs out.