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Pictured are three generations of Woikoski employees: Leevi Tiihonen, Juha Tiihonen and Matti Tiihonen

A pioneer in the gas and chemical industry, Woikoski Oy is a Finnish family business established in 1882. We offer our clients gases and comprehensive gas distribution solutions. Gases are essential to both industry and health care.

Our product range also covers welding machines and equipment as well as a wide range of medical equipment. We work with industrial clients, the food and beverage industry, health care services, the medical sector and private clients. Woikoski Feeling, on the other hand, focuses on tourism as well as equine rehabilitation and training.

We employ experts in many fields

Most of our production workers have a technical education, but we also need a variety of experts for different roles in sales, financial administration, marketing, logistics, procurement and the tourism sector. Employees in the tourism sector have an equine and/or tourism-related degree.

Many of our employees have started off as temporary agency workers. We give employees practical training for their roles.

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