How to identify gas cylinders

Woikoski gas cylinders can be identified by the stamps on the shoulder part of the cylinder, labels and the color of the cylinders. Identification markings on gas cylinders are based on different regulations.

Gas cylinder stamping

The stamps on the shoulder part of cylinders are the main identification criterion. The name of the gas is always stamped on the shoulder part of the gas cylinder. The markings also tell about the inspections, manufacturer, weight, pressure and volume of the cylinder. The markings are in accordance with the standard SFS-EN 13769.

Gas cylinder coloring

The coloring of Woikoski gas cylinders is carried out in accordance with standard EN 1089-3. According to it, the cylindrical part of gas cylinders is white for medical gases and graphite gray for industrial gases (excluding acetylene and LPG).

The shoulder of the gas cylinders indicates the type of gas in the bottle. Some of the gases are assigned their own identification color.

           acetylene - oxide red,  RAL 3009
    helium - olive brown, RAL 8008
    oxygen - pure white, RAL 9010
     nitrous oxide - gentian blue, RAL 5010
    argon - emerald green, RAL 6001
    nitrogen - jet black, RAL 9005
    carbon dioxide - dusty grey, RAL 7037


The cylindrical part of the gas cylinder for industrial oxygen is graphite gray and white for medicinal oxygen. The shoulder parts of the gas bottles are painted white, which indicates that they contain oxygen.

If the gas does not have a signature color, the color of the shoulder part indicates the properties of the gas:

          toxic - yellow, RAL 1018
    flammable - red, RAL 3000
    oxidizing - light blue, RAL 5012
    inert - bright green, RAL 6016


Mixed gases may have several colors on the shoulder part of the cylinder, depending on the gases. If the concentration of the gases is the same, punching and painting are done in the pre-agreed order. A neck ring can be used as an additional identifier (e.g. gas purity, special field of use, etc.).

Gas cylinder labels

The most essential label for gas identification is the so-called wing sticker with the name of the gas, possible trade name, composition (mixtures), safety instructions, classification markings and contact information of the gas supplier. The base color of the medical gas wing sticker is white, yellow for industrial and green for food gas. The information content of the wing sticker is based on the SFS-EN ISO 7225 standard.