Service and maintenance

Our services include condition evaluations, servicing, repair and maintenance of gas networks.

Regular maintenance ensures high gas quality and reduces operational costs – incidents such as gas leaks increase costs and are a safety hazard.

By creating maintenance plans and servicing and repairing your equipment, we let you focus on your core business while ensuring that you have a safe and reliable network as well as sufficiently pure gases.

Gas purity matters to your process – take care of the maintenance and condition of your network

The condition of the gas network also affects gas purity. Because gas purity is important in the production process, it is vital to keep your gas network in good condition through regular maintenance. Regular maintenance also prevents potential expensive interruptions in production caused by equipment failure, with maintenance and repair work performed systematically and in a controlled manner.

Gas network condition evaluation

Having Woikoski evaluate the condition of your gas systems ensures that your gas distribution system is up to date and reliable. Our trained professional expert will review your entire system, and you will receive information on the condition and safety of your system, as well as ensuring that it fulfils all legal requirements.

The condition evaluation includes a written report, a complete documentation of the targets of the inspection and how up-to-date the system is. The report also contains advice and, if necessary, a proposal regarding the safe use of gases, as well as development suggestions to potentially improve productivity and reliability.

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