Gas distribution networks for medical gases

Looking for a reliable partner to design gas distribution networks? We offer customized gas network design, implementation and maintenance. We take care of everything for you, from the gas tank to the intake point, on a turnkey basis.

Gas distribution networks for medical gases

The gas centre will enable gas distribution to the gas network and to gas collection points. The gas source is usually a cylinder, a cylinder battery or a liquid gas tank. 

Woikoski Medical offers the design, implementation and maintenance of a customised gas network. The gas network package may include, for example, tank and gas centres, alarms, flow meters, pressure watchdogs/sensors, intake points, quick shut-off boxes and back-up supply systems.

Gas network design and implementation

Gas network design

The design phase involves identifying the customer's site and materials. The initial data, such as annual consumption estimates, the number of extraction points and the planned pipe size per gas, are discussed with the customer. For larger projects, PI diagrams, level drawings and equipment lists are also required. 

Calculation phase

In the calculation phase, the equipment is defined for the site according to the client's plans and each component is separated. It is also calculated that the design flows, pressure drops and differential pressures support the plans.

Feed systems

There are specific supply systems for each gas. When designing a gas centre, the location and space requirements, as well as the possibility of maintenance, must be taken into account. Traceability and traceability are also essential considerations for hospital sites. 

Distribution pipelines

When designing and installing distribution piping, the following should be taken into account:

  • Structure
  • Location
  • Positioning
  • Pressurization
  • Maintenance
  • Documentation
  • Materials
  • Pipe size and material

Risk assessment

A risk assessment should be carried out before each installation and, if necessary, TRA documentation should be prepared. Woikoski Medical also specifies the components of the offer.


A separate project plan will be prepared for each project if required. All work will be agreed in writing, and additional work will be carried out in accordance with the Additions and Alterations Policy. Any separate documentation required is always agreed with the customer - e.g. NDA.

Finnish gas expertise

The gas distribution network ensures that work and processes run smoothly. We have been producing gases for more than 100 years and offer solutions for all gas-related issues. 

The advantages of the gas network are not only safety and economy:

  • Reducing the need to transport cylinders
  • Reduction of high-pressure objects in the working environment
  • Non-stop gas distribution, including cylinders/batteries 
  • Reduced number of bottles and cylinders during replacement of bottles and cylinders
  • Continuous gas supply even when primary cylinders are empty
  • Efficient utilisation of the contents of the cylinders
  • More accurate information on gas consumption

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