About Woikoski

Oy Woikoski Ab is an independent Finnish family business that specialises in the gas industry. The fourth-generation family business is an expert in the gas industry and a reliable partner whose highly refined high-quality products and service concepts are the reason why more and more companies have chosen to partner with Woikoski. 

We give our clients real added value by offering a competitive advantage, savings, cost-effectiveness and ease through being a reliable partner in network solutions and their service and maintenance, in addition to gases. We have extensive experience and solid expertise in tailored, client-specific solutions in gas distribution network design and development as well as service and maintenance of networks. We care about sustainability. Our operations are regulated by, for example, the Woikoski Code of Conduct and the ISO 9001 quality certificate, which we have been granted.

An extensive clientele

Our clients include various industrial fields, public and private healthcare services, medical companies and units, municipalities and cities, actors in environmental protection and various consumer clients.

Through its subsidiary, SIA Woikoski, Woikoski exports products to, for example, Russia, the Baltics and the rest of the EU.

Woikoski Feeling

Woikoski Feeling is a tourism business concept owned by Oy Woikoski Ab. It consists of WHD Gård, Kirjokivi Manor, the WHD Car Museum and the Woikoski Factory Museum.

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