Woikoski Oy, the forerunner in hydrogen in Finland 


Woikoski has a wide experience in manufacturing hydrogen for more than 100 years, our hydrogen manufacturing started already in 1913. We manufacture hydrogen by electrolysis method.  Bypass Hydrogen we have manufactured since 2011.  

Woikoski produces and provides gases, designs and builds tailored hydrogen network solutions. Furthermore, we offer maintenance, repair and upkeep services and support for network solutions. Additionally, we offer supply solutions.


During 2010 – 2014 Woikoski took a huge leap both in Finnish and European hydrogen market, by designing and building European’s most efficient hydrogen plant in Kokkola, Finland. At the same time Woikoski designed and built three progressive hydrogen filling stations - two to Finland and one to Sweden, and renewed hydrogen transport units. Thanks to which Woikoski has an excellent experience in hydrogen filling stations and fuel cell vehicles particularly in arctic weather conditions.


Hydrogen filling station and Woikoski's fuel cell vehicle in Göteborg, Sweden.


Woikoski co-operates and participates sharing its wide experience and knowledge in several international and national co-operation projects among hydrogen, e.g. Finnish Hydrogen Cluster, Finnish Universities and EU-projects.



Solar to Hydrogen Hybrid Cycles

In 2016, Woikoski participated EU-project SOL2HY2 (Solar to Hydrogen Hybrid Cycles), aiming to develop a solar hybrid cycle for the direct dissociation of water using solar energy.  

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Currently Woikoski is participating the HySTOC EU project, being responsible for establishing the test facilities and assembling the StorageBox/ReleaseBox with assisting operational systems (electricity, automation and pumping systems). Moreover, Woikoski is producing the hydrogen for the test in the Kokkola Hydrogen plant, then binding the hydrogen to the liquid organic carrier material. Furthermore, Woikoski is responsible for transporting the LOHC to Espoo and release the hydrogen from the LOHC in the ReleaseBox, to be scientifically tested.


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