Frequently asked questions


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Food & beverage gases

Why are gases used in food packaging?

The oxygen contained in the air causes growth of aerobic microbes that typically spoil foodstuffs. The mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen commonly used in food packaging reduces bacterial growth.  It is worth bearing in mind that only an unbroken cold chain guarantees the required quality of food products.

Dry ice

How long does dry ice keep?

In an unopened box, dry ice keeps for around a week. The best place to store it is in a polystyrene box.


How do I order dry ice?

Orders for dry ice can be made at the outlets in connection with Woikoski’s facilities or via our resellers. The delivery time is 2–5 days but arrangements for the delivery can be made when placing the order. For a small fee, we provide a polystyrene box but the dry ice can also be packed in your own container.

Gas cylinders

Why do gas cylinders need to be inspected?

A gas cylinder should be inspected every ten years to make sure it is safe to use. Cylinders undergo a thorough inspection, including pressure testing. The next inspection date is noted on a sticker attached to the shoulder of the cylinder.


What is the amount of propane you are allowed to store?

No more than 25 kg on a boat or in a residential house, mobile home or caravan. In practical terms, this means no more than two 11 kg cylinders.


Why does propane smell?

Because propane in itself is an odourless and colourless gas, an odorant called tetrahydrothiophene is added to it for safety reasons.

How do I know how much gas I have got left?

In a composite cylinder, the gas level is visible through the cylinder. A steel cylinder, on the other hand, needs to be weighed. The empty weight of the cylinder is marked on the cylinder’s shoulder and if you deduct this from the total weight you are left with the weight of the gas.