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Norrhydro impressed by EWM’s welding machines

Eliminating weld spatter and heat distortion with EWM’s equipment

Eliminating weld spatter and heat distortion with EWM’s equipment

Norrhydro provides customer-oriented and environmentally friendly hydraulic solutions for various applications. The company, which has been manufacturing hydraulic cylinders for more than 30 years, is currently experiencing a time of heavy growth and internationalisation. The company's clients include several internationally famous brands, such as Rolls-Royce, Ponsse, Mantsinen and Junttan.

In 2016, Norrhydro’s revenue was €18 million and the company had approximately 120 employees. The company’s management, administration and cylinder production are located in Rovaniemi, while product development takes place in Tampere.

“Quality and reliability are important competitive factors for us. Additionally, we need to understand our clients’ needs to be able to deliver the best possible solution for each individual situation,” says welding engineer Sebastian Latvala.

The collaboration with Woikoski began when Norrhydro decided to purchase new welding machines.

“We were considering several different brands but decided to try the EWM welding machines because we were looking for new techniques for welding critical welds. Our goal was to eliminate weld spatter altogether, and we also strive to have as few heat distortions as possible,” says Latvala.

In Finland, Norrhydro is a pioneer in the use of EWM welding machines in cylinder production. Welding engineer Sebastian Latvala (middle) and welder Henri Kuoksa (left) are happy with the benefits gained from the machines. Area Sales Manager Tuomo Rauhio from Woikoski is listening to the feedback. Image: Kaisa Sirén

The result: consistently high quality

The welding machines which Norrhydro purchased from Woikoski have proven to be a good choice. EWM's machines allow us to use a welding method that utilises pulsed-arch metal transfer. We can choose between the pulse welding programme and the forceArc puls welding programme.

Thanks to these new methods, we have been able to take our own work one step further, with top-quality results. When working, the light arc burns much more steadily than before and the penetration is consistent. Even new welders are able to produce as high a quality as older, more experienced employees who have learned by doing.

According to Latvala, the benefits gained by using EWM’s machines are also in line with the Lean philosophy practised at Norrhydro. For example, unnecessary stages can be eliminated from the process because almost no spatter is produced anymore. This also improves the oil cleanliness of the hydraulic system, as no extra grinding work is needed.

Compared with the previous production method, there is less heat distortion, which creates new product design opportunities. “I also consider it an advantage of the EMW welding machines that they include modified MAG welding programmes as a standard feature,” says Latvala.

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