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Woikoski is an innovative company that looks to the future with confidence

Woikoski wants to be Finns' first choice for gases and related solutions and services. Woikoski is working tirelessly towards that.

For us, family entrepreneurship, Finnishness and responsibility are important and significant values. We have been able to develop the company's operations in the long term with the experience and values inherited from generations as our backbone. Family businesses have different strengths, experience and resilience to meet challenges.

The world situation of the gas market is going in a direction where companies are concentrating, buying each other and the number of players in the market is decreasing. Woikoski has been founding the world's gas industry, when there were sixty companies. Now Woikoski is one of the few remaining companies that are still independent family-owned companies. In addition to these permanent things, Woikoski has also undergone many major reforms and changes.

We have invested a lot in the development and compatibility of our ERP system and related systems. At the same time, we have refined our processes, making our operations more efficient and developing different areas and their interfaces. Before this, we already renewed our quality system. We have also improved our production. It is currently easy for us to monitor our operations and increase our production as needed.

In addition to the systems, we have also developed our organization to meet today's and future needs. We are e.g. found that our customers increasingly want a total service so that our customers can focus on their own strengths. They want a reliable partner by their side who takes care of gas-related tasks as a whole. We are increasingly receiving inquiries about challenging new projects and entities. These are tasks we like, and we have confirmed e.g. our technical and maintenance organization to be able to meet our customers' needs.

We have trained our personnel, developed our customer-oriented operations and tried to ensure the seamless flow of critical operations. Our own customer service, with more than twenty experts, serves our customers via chat, online store, phone and e-mail. Our website provides comprehensive information about our products and operations.

In recent years, our delivery reliability has been at a very good level, in 2021 we also set our own turnover record (64 Meur). Reputation research also shows that we are a trusted and respected company. However, we will not settle for this, but aim higher so that our customers can continue to trust us. We want to be Finns' first choice in gases and related solutions and services, and we work tirelessly to achieve that.

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