Thanks to its properties that distinguish it from other gases, helium is suitable for a variety of applications. It is used in analytical devices, low temperature research, magnetic resonance imaging, laser devices, air-tightness measurements, welding, blimps, weather balloons, and party balloons. Woikoski has extensive experience in handling of helium in the gas and liquid forms alike.

With expertise gained already before the construction of its helium plant, Woikoski has now worked with both liquid and gas helium in its own facility for more than a decade. The state-of-the-art, newly expanded helium plant - one of the very few in the world - makes Woikoski a full-service helium supplier.

Our product range includes:

  • Helium for balloons
  • Ultrapure helium N46
  • Ultrapure helium N55
  • Ultrapure helium N60
  • Ultrapure helium BIP
  • Liquid helium
  • Filling service for magnetic devices
  • Recycling service for helium
  • Training in the handling of liquid helium

Gaseous helium is available in high-pressure cylinders of various sizes, along with cylinder bundles and tank containers. We deliver liquid helium in leased vacuum-insulated dewars or larger tank containers with a volume of up to 30,000 litres, or alternatively you can have your own dewar or container filled. Because of the high cost of helium, deliveries are usually carried out using Woikoski’s transport equipment.

Woikoski employs several fully qualified, experienced technicians in its filling service for magnetic devices, allowing us to offer these services round the clock in Finland with an extremely short notice (less than six hours from order to the beginning of the fill-up) in an emergency. Woikoski has an excellent record as a reliable supplier of both liquid and gaseous helium, succeeding in delivering helium to every single of its clients during the international helium shortage in 2012–2013.

This was made possible by helium liquefiers and a 120,000 litre storage tank for liquid helium installed in Woikoski’s plant. For clients whose processes produce gaseous helium from liquid helium as a waste product, Woikoski offers a helium recycling service, which includes the delivery of the necessary equipment and transport services. We compensate the client in accordance with the purity of the helium returned to us.

This will help create savings in the overall costs for the client and the valuable helium is not lost. Liquid helium is extremely cold, with a temperature of -269 °C and readily evaporates into a gas. These properties make it extremely difficult to handle but our extensive experience allows us to offer training on the handling of liquid helium and dewars.